Blueberry cultivation, industry and production are in in the direction of sustainable agriculture, and it is adapted to soil physicochemical conditions in Russia to create a healthy society, considering industrial diseases and side effects of environmental infections. Blueberry industry and planting is entirely corresponding to the need of Russia and world society. Due to their strong antioxidant properties will provide the community health security. In addition, the portability of its product in different ways can have an important role in foreign currency power and employment and Russian specialists and Agriculture University can help.
Business Plan of Blueberry Industry, Planting and Production and its Factories

To achieve a healthy society, by blueberry planting and industry in three different areas of climate in Russia, one of the cleanest environments for organic blueberries production, we are going to provide health society security. For this, by creating gardens in three different climate regions of Russia, we proceed to the production of organic blueberries and in the course of decreasing additional costs to optimize science, technology and time, we broad and increase the time harvesting of the crops.

It is worth mentioning that the production of organic blueberries is in direction of health society improving and reducing the side effects of disease and problems such as environmental pollution, weight loss, type 2 diabetes, due to the strong antioxidant properties of blueberry, it can have a significant role in improving society health. In addition, by exporting and job creating, the economic conditions will improve, the medical costs will decrease, and the health of society will promote.




Companies’ introduction:

Spress Giyah Salem Company is a holding in Iran and has three following companies:


1-  Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Tajan Company:


This has 1400 hectares of farmland and 3000 sheep and cultures including watermelon, melon, wheat, grain, alfalfa, corn, cotton, pistachio, grape, and rapeseed. The company has 20 years of work experience in Iran.


2-  Sarakhs Samen Fish Cooperative Company:


It has 120 hectares ponds of warm-water fish including golden carp, silver carp, grass carp (Amor),bighead carp and sturgeon. Now the company is examining the production of Tylapyla fish. It has 15-year experience of work in Iran and during these 15 years, it was of the boards several times in Iran and in Sarakhs in Khorasan Razavi province.





3-  Eskan Porteghal Caspian Company:


This company is examining ten thousand beds Motel plan in the north of Iran along the 1500 km way, in the south of Caspian Sea for travelers and tourists, which is in its first executing phase. This company has 3 years of work experience in Iran.




Climatic Zones of the Project:


With the help of respected Russian Agriculture Ministry and officials associated with the project and honorable governors of the regions, Giah Salem Company Holding can execute the project in three climate regions:


A)  Warm area in the south of Russia in Kuban region.


B)  Semi-warm region in the middle of country or south and southwest of Moscow.


C)  Semi-cold region in north region, near Volga.


In each region 5000 to 10000 hectares, (totally 15000 hectares in three time phases, it has potential to increase to 30000 hectares) use for blueberry planting and in each region one Russian company, 3 companies totally; will establish with the same name.






Company Members’ Introduction:


A)Mohammad Delarami:


He is an Iran-born citizen and he has completed his primary and academic education in Iran.


-He has the Degree of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M) and he is a member of the Islamic Republic of Iran Veterinary Organization


-      Plant breeding and agriculture engineer


-      Honorary Professor of university


-      Specialist in aquaculture


-      Member of Islamic Republic of Iran Farmers’ Cooperative


-      Agriculture advisor in various kinds of greenhouse, light livestock and animal husbandry.


- The principal owner of the company and the inventor and                           executer of blueberry fruit and plant plan in Russia.

-      In the past 25 years, he was one of the best in the country and province and city levels. (documents are attached)




B)Mostafa Rahimi:


He is an Iran-born citizen that has completed his primary and academic studies in Iran. He is an herbal medicine specialist and has M.A.B certificate.


C) Eshaq Delarami:


He is an Iran-born citizen of Iran that has completed his primary and academic studies in Iran and he is an agriculture and plant breeding engineer.


D)Jalal Nahardani :


He is an Iran-born citizen that has educated his primary and academic studies in Iran and he has an M.A certificate inengineering. Now, he is studying Ph.D. course in civil and structural engineering.


The other members of the company are the family’s member of Dr. Mohammad Delarami and the other owners of the company.


Company Achievements for Russia:


1-  Investing in Russia.


2-  Technology and knowledge will transfer to Russia and use of experts and academics in Russia.



3-  Job creation will increase in various parts of Russia for educated and skilled people.


4-  Creation a blueberry production hub in Russia for export and use in the other parts of the country, especially in areas with low soil PH that are not prone to all routine cultures.


5-  The power of foreign exchange will increase in the shadow of exporting to other countries.


6-  Healthy and organic crops exportation from Russia and introducing it as a pure source for healthy production.


7-  Creation the healthy meals academic unit considering the need increasing growth of the world society to Berries fruits such as:


-      Blueberry

-      Roseberry

-      Blackberry

-      Currant berry

-      White berry

-      Straw berry

-      …….




The goals of the plan:


Considering the importance of environmental issues in Russia, existing and abundance fresh water, fertile soil that has low PH in some regions and limited cultivation variety, and cold weather with various climates have made good conditions for the industry and cultivation of blueberry and its production. It is obvious that gathering all effective factors will increase the efficiency of the project practically. It is undeniable that this plan has social impacts such as job creating, employing workforce with different knowledge levels, especially the workers. This project matches the needs of human being including Russia, which is a good place for this project.



1-  Blueberry fruit Production:


Efficient use of water, soil and maximum production has more efficiency compared to conventional products in the region.

Including cold areas, that soil PH is low and most routine cultivation is not possible, this is a good alternative culture.



2-  Processing of blueberry product:


Dry processed production, increased the possibility of storage and transportation and make it possible to keep it in normal and free conditions.



3-  Pharmaceutical Processing:


Producing some productions for weight loss and decreasing blood sugar to control diabetes (type 2), that is a world pervasive disease. These productions are the need of the people around the world. Also some productions for pregnant woman, children, elder people, abdominal obesity, liver health, cancer prevention and its help treatment and other lots of scientific, medical and research issues.





4-  Fruit Skin Processing:


Due to existing strong antioxidant in this fruit, it can be used as nutrition additives in powder format, and as flavor in cake, organic blue drinking, organic blue vodka, organic fruit puree, tea, beverage and fruit juice and….



5-  The processing of blueberry fruit extract:


In different and comprehensive formats, in ice format to supply in the market and convenient achieving and longtime persistent.



6-  The exchange power:


Considering the high price of this production around the world, it can have a significant positive role in economic and agriculture parts of the Russia.(now, each kilogram of this fruit is being sold from 20 to 30 dollar in the markets of middle-east Asia and Russia )



7-  Job creating:


Mechanized creation of blueberry gardens and their harvesting are possible but compared to other crops it has more job opportunities. Moreover, the site of the factory that can provide the personnel and worker needs is considered in the region.










There are these points in the executing this project that guarantee the success of the project:


-      Low level soil pH

-      High Organic matter level of soil

-      The abundance fresh water

-      The climate variety

-      Vastness of Russia

-      Summer and winter variety

-      Consumption market

-      Pure climate



There is enough export possibility in the Russia but often countries have the lack of this possibility and they are limited. Climate variety and planting in three different regions cause to widen the activity domain and increase the harvesting time up to six or seven months and it help us to use harvesting machines in a wider period.

Using the harvest machines in a wider period and planting in three different climates; (warm, mild and cold areas) make it possible to have fresh fruit in 6-7 months of the year. Production in various and different areas can provide the raw materials for processing, it means that the production line and processing will be active in a wider time range and it resulted in more job creation and less costs. The regards of Russia to environmental pollution created a fairly pure and clean environment that can be used for blueberry production. Having no competitor, high price and production appropriate conditions improves the efficiency and maneuver power in the international markets. The transportation possibility and global communications of Russia make it possible to supply the products around the world.



The threats of the plan:

In the case of activity limitation the time of activity decreases and due to the expensive equipment, the overhead costs increase and the harvesting machines work just two months in a year.

Doing all stages of the project in a short time, high and great investment needed, so we should phase out the project. Right now, the production amount is three hundred thousand tons annually that is far less from the world need. The big portion of this production is in Canada and they export it around the world to many countries. The Latin American countries can present and activate in winter markets in the future. Existing these three Factors:


1-  The abundance of surface fresh water


2-  Acidic soil drainage


3-  High soil moisture supply,


are from the reasons that put Russia in a unique place for blueberry production. Climate strong menace such as snow melting in the cold season and being cold again, in other words early warming can be a big threat to destroy the blueberry plants in the cold region. It is worthy to mention that we widen the activity in various climates to minimize the threatens and by increasing and widening time range we decrease the problematic factors. The good power and facilities transportation of Russia and the high price of the product increase the power of planting and activity and can pose Russia as one of the greatest blueberry producers in the world.





The analysis of the need for blueberry processing industry:


-      Increase the rate of world population

-      Reduce the number of family members

-      Adults age population

-      The growing number of fast food

-      Working the couples

-      Industrial diseases

-      Environmental pollution

-      Industrial pollution

-      Drink water pollution

-      Clothes made of polyethylene and plastic

-      Packaging and its effect on food

-      Lack of human mobility

-      Sudden weather changes

-      Growth machine life

-      Car increasing

-      Fossil fuel pollution


These factors besides the unsuitable nutrition and using technology accelerated the growing trend of industrial disease such as diabetes (type 2), heart disease and cancer. Therefore, the production of antioxidant products, like blueberry, is a necessary need for the societies. It is noteworthy that the above factors result in obesity and weight gaining. Since the obesity has become anti-values, and the necessity of weight loosing is obvious in curing and preventing diseases such as diabetes (type 2) and heart diseases, the need for this production is felt deeply.



As we know, for cancer prevention, we should try to keep the vitamin C level high in our bodies during 24 hours in a day.

The body of dog is very similar to our body and it does not have cancer. For vitamin C production in the body, four enzymes needed and dogs have all the four, and they keep the vitamin C level in a desire amount in their bodies. But human beings, they inherit 3 of these 4 enzymes from their ancestors and they don’t have the 4th one, so they should have fruits during 24 hours in a day to keep the vitamin C level in their body in a good condition.

In processing blueberry industry, cause of properties such as weight loss, storage during the year, being compact, transportation possibility and the various consumption formats make it possible for people to use this product during 24 hours in a day and try to provide the necessary vitamin C for their bodies. Therefore, the prospect of this processing industry, in various forms, is bright and the people will accept and use it very much. In Russia, fast food trend is rising and for preventing the side effects of them blueberry can be useful and it matches to the people’s need.


Therefore, the prospect and public acceptance of blueberry in Russia are good and in this situation, the major producer of this product can fill the market gap. In case of acceleration, Russia can have a large part in international markets.


Analysis of the plan in SWOT method, considering the domestic and international threats, is in growth and offensive (invasive) position and all needed requisites can be prepared over time.





Investment analysis:


For this plan execution, a great and heavy investment needed. The injection of capital will be gradually in the executive process. By having 50000 (fifty thousand) hectares in three different regions in the first years the company will bring two million dollars without considering the worth of the land and since this project will result in 5 years so at the end of the second year, considering the growth of the plants, the main and sub factories will be started. Cause of existing climate factors, positive and negative effects, and hidden costs and without considering the other factors, the project is estimated about fifty million dollars. In the executive process, the company will invest as much as affords. It is obvious that Russian specialists and local, technical and economic facilities, such as operating banks will be used during this project.